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Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon

A quest to save her world.Mar. 03, 2021USA107 Min.PG
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Raya and the Last Dragon

Long ago, in the fantasy world of Kumandra, humans and dragons lived together in harmony. But when an evil force threatened the land, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity. Now, 500 years later, that same evil has returned and it’s up to a lone warrior, Raya, to track down the legendary last dragon to restore the fractured land and its divided people.


  • In a realm known as Kumandra, a re-imagined Earth inhabited by an ancient civilization, a warrior named Raya is determined to find the last dragon.

Five long centuries after the selfless sacrifice of the magical dragons, the once-peaceful land of Kumandra, where humans lived harmoniously alongside the mystical creatures, is in disarray, divided into five nations. With warring factions, distrust, and the unstoppable menace of the Druun wreaking havoc on Kumandra, Raya, the sword-wielding Princess of Heart, and fearless Guardian of the Dragon Gem, embarks on a peril-laden quest to track down a benevolent mythical being and heal the land. Will Raya find mighty Sisu, the last dragon?


  • 500 years prior, Kumandra was a prosperous land when evil spirits called the Druun began to ravage everything. They absorbed souls, turning those into stone. Eventually, the dragons of Kumandra used what was left of their magic to create an orb that not only warded off the Druun, but also restored everyone to life, with the exception of the dragons who remained turned to stone. The people all wanted the power of the orb which ultimately divided them into tribes based on their placement of a giant river made to resemble a dragon: Fang, Heart, Tail, Spine and Talon. Heart Tribe acquired the orb and has been guarding it ever since.500 years later, Chief Benga of the Heart Tribe has been training his daughter Raya to guard the orb. Despite this, he still believes that all the nations will set aside their differences and become Kumandra again. He resolves to invite all the nations over for a feast. Raya ends up befriending the daughter of Chief Virana of the Fang Tribe, Namaari, due to their shared interest in dragons. Namaari gives Raya a dragon pendant and she in turn shows her the location of the orb. However, Namaari betrays Raya and soon the Fang Tribe attempt to steal the orb. The rest of the tribes find out and a fight breaks out, resulting in the orb smashing to pieces. The Druun suddenly reawaken as each of the tribes steal a piece. Raya tries to rescue Benga, but he tells her to flee with the piece she has as he turns to stone.

    Six years later, Raya has been searching for the end of a stream to summon Sisu, the dragon who supposedly created the orb and the only surviving member of the species, to help her recover the missing orb pieces. She ends up in what is left of the desert like Tail Tribe and manages to summon Sisu. She admits that she did not create the orb and that her older siblings did, but finds that she can use their powers when she holds onto a piece. They find what is left of the Tail Temple and recover the second piece with Sisu now gaining the ability to turn into a human. They encounter Namaari and her tribe, but the two of them manage to escape on a boat driven by a young entrepreneur named Boun, who had lost his family to the Druun. Despite Boun being friendly, Raya refuses to divulge that Sisu is a dragon, nor tell him of her quest, confusing Sisu.

    They arrive at the Talon Tribe, who have built their homes over the water to protect themselves against the Druun, as Raya tries to find their leader so that she can reclaim the orb piece. While out in the town, Raya encounters a “con baby” named Little Noi and her trio of monkey-like companions the Ongis, who adopted her after her mother was lost to the Druun. After a chase, Raya decides to hire them to help her. Sisu goes into town to look for a gift, as she thinks it is better than fighting, only to run into the real tribe leader who threatens her. Raya rescues her and reclaims the piece, which allows Sisu to make smoke clouds, and make it back to Boun with Noi and the Ongis joining them.

    The group arrive at the Spine Tribe with Raya and Sisu attempting to enter the village. They are caught by the sole survivor of the tribe, a fearsome warrior named Tong, who actually does not know what to do with them. The rest of the group arrive to warn them of Namaari’s arrival. Raya holds her off in a fight while the others escape. However, Sisu reverts to her dragon form and fends off Namaari and the Fang Tribe. Before leaving, Namaari is moved by the appearance of Sisu. She returns to Virana to tell her, but she instead demands that she reclaim the pieces and the dragon as she fears that the other tribes will try to take what they have. Back at the boat, Raya finally comes clean to her party about Sisu and they agree to work together with Tong giving the orb piece he had been guarding and allowing Sisu to gain the ability to summon the rains.

    As they get close to the Fang Tribe, Raya suggests breaking in to reclaim the final piece, but Sisu suggests giving them a gift and asking it back. When Raya refuses, Sisu takes her back to what is left of the Heart Tribe and reveals the fate of her siblings. While Sisu did not create the orb, her siblings trusted her enough to do the right thing with it. Raya gives in and decides to give Namaari the dragon pendant as a piece offering so that she can rejoin the rest of the orb pieces. Raya and Sisu meet privately with Namaari, but as soon as she shows the remainder of the orb pieces, Namaari holds a crossbow to them. Sisu tries to talk her down, but Raya, sensing that Namaari will shoot, attacks her, causing Sisu to get hit by the arrow and falls into a river. Namaari flees as the water, which protected the Fang Tribe against the Druun, begins to recede.

    The Fang Tribe is attacked by the Druun as Raya enters to confront Namaari, who is grieving Virana’s fate at the hands of the Druun. The two fight while Tong, Boun, Noi and the Ongis rescue the people from the Druun. Raya prepares to strike down Namaari, but she tells her that she has lost everything and does not care anymore. Raya comes to her senses and she goes to help her friends. Namaari in turn helps the group using her orb piece. As the pieces start losing power, they fall into a pit and are surrounded by the Druun. Raya tells them that they need to put the pieces together, but her friends refuse to help Namaari. To show her faith, Raya puts her piece down and allows the Druun to take her. One by the one the rest follow with Namaari putting the pieces together and getting consumed by the Druun afterwards. The plan works and the Druun are vanquished as everyone is brought back to life.

    The dragons are all brought back to life as they revive Sisu who thanks Raya for trusting others. Everyone returns to their significant others as Raya returns home to be reunited with Benga. She introduces him to Sisu as all the tribes come together peacefully to celebrate.

Directed by

Don Hall(directed by)
Carlos López Estrada(directed by)
Paul Briggs(co-director) (co-directed by)
John Ripa(co-director) (co-directed by)

Writing Credits

Qui Nguyen(screenplay by) &
Adele Lim(screenplay by)
Paul Briggs(story by) &
Don Hall(story by) &
Adele Lim(story by) &
Carlos López Estrada(story by) &
Kiel Murray(story by) &
Qui Nguyen(story by) &
John Ripa(story by) &
Dean Wellins(story by)

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Kelly Marie TranKelly Marie TranRaya (voice)
AwkwafinaAwkwafinaSisu (voice)
Izaac WangIzaac WangBoun (voice)
Gemma ChanGemma ChanNamaari (voice)
Daniel Dae KimDaniel Dae KimBenja (voice)
Benedict WongBenedict WongTong (voice)
Jona XiaoJona XiaoYoung Namaari (voice)
Sandra OhSandra OhVirana (voice)
Thalia TranThalia TranLittle Noi (voice)
Lucille SoongLucille SoongDang Hu (voice)
Alan TudykAlan TudykTuk Tuk (voice)
Gordon IpGordon IpMerchant #2 (voice)
Dichen LachmanDichen LachmanGeneral Atitaya / Spine Warrior (voice)
Patti HarrisonPatti HarrisonTail Chief (voice)
Jon ParkJon ParkChai (voice) (as Jon ‘Dumbfoundead’ Park)
Sung KangSung KangDang Hai (voice)
Sierra KatowSierra KatowMerchant / Fang Officer (voice)
Ross ButlerRoss ButlerSpine Chief (voice)
François ChauFrançois ChauWahn (voice)
Paul YenPaul YenMerchant #1 (voice)
Isabella AbieraIsabella AbieraAdditional Voices (voice)
Deuce BascoDeuce BascoAdditional Voices (voice)
G.K. BowesG.K. BowesAdditional Voices (voice)
Reggie De LeonReggie De LeonAdditional Voices (voice)
Liza Del MundoLiza Del MundoAdditional Voices (voice)
Terri DouglasTerri DouglasAdditional Voices (voice)
Tania GunadiTania GunadiAdditional Voices (voice)
Ren HanamiRen HanamiAdditional Voices (voice)
Ben HisolerBen HisolerAdditional Voices (voice)
Jennie KwanJennie KwanAdditional Voices (voice)
Aleks LeAleks LeAdditional Voices (voice)
Kayla MelikianKayla MelikianAdditional Voices (voice) (as Kayla Rose Melikian)
Yabo ObienYabo ObienAdditional Voices (voice)
Lucian PerezLucian PerezAdditional Voices (voice)
Vyvan PhamVyvan PhamAdditional Voices (voice)
Griffin PuatuGriffin PuatuAdditional Voices (voice)
Vincent Rodriguez IIIVincent Rodriguez IIIAdditional Voices (voice)
Abraham SiglerAbraham SiglerAdditional Voices (voice)
JB TadenaJB TadenaAdditional Voices (voice)
Lily VillegasLily VillegasAdditional Voices (voice)
Jenn WongJenn WongAdditional Voices (voice)
Sanyee YuanSanyee YuanAdditional Voices (voice)

Produced by

Jared Bushexecutive producer
Nathan Curtisassociate producer
Peter Del Vechoproducer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Jennifer Leeexecutive producer
Osnat Shurerproducer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Jennifer Christine Veraassociate producer

Music by

James Newton Howard(original score by)

Cinematography by

Rob Dresseldirector of cinematography: layout

Film Editing by

Fabienne Rawley(edited by)
Shannon Stein(edited by)

Casting By

Jamie Sparer Roberts

Production Design by

Helen Mingjue Chen
Paul A. Felix
Cory Loftis

Production Management

Julie Banerproduction supervisor: character assets, lighting
Danielle Beversonproduction supervisor: layout
Madison Boehmeproduction supervisor: stereo
Steph Gortzproduction supervisor: effects
Brandon Holmesproduction supervisor: animation
Kalikolehua Hurleycommunity relations manager
Dave Kohutproduction supervisor: sweatbox
Leah Lathamproduction supervisor: marketing / senior production supervisor: Screening Strategy
Derek Manzellaproduction supervisor: character assets
Albert Ramirezproduction manager (as Albert V. Ramirez)
James Romoproduction supervisor: editorial
Scott Sakamotoproduction supervisor: story, community relations
Ruth Strothersenior production supervisor
David A. Thibodeauproduction supervisor: editorial
Kristin Yadamecsenior production supervisor (as Kristin Leigh Yadamec)
Debbie G. Yuproduction supervisor: technical animation

Art Department

Camille Andreset designer
Neysa Bovevisual development artist
Clio Chiangstoryboard artist
Jean Gillmorevisual development artist
Mehrdad Isvandivisual development
Shiyoon Kimart director of characters
Carrie LiaoStory Artist
April Liuvisual development artist
Joe MateoStory Artist (as Joseph Mateo)
Ken MorrisseyStory Artist
Tom OwensStory Artist
Meg Parkvisual development artist
Zac Retzvisual development artist
Armand Serranovisual development artist
Jeff SnowStory Artist
Simon Thelningstory apprentice
Ami Thompsonart director of characters
Jenessa Warrenstory apprentice

Sound Department

Cameron Barkerassistant supervising sound editor
Scott Curtisfoley mixer
David E. Fluhrre-recording mixer (as David E. Fluhr CAS)
Chris Frazierfoley editor
Gabriel Guyoriginal dialogue mixer (as Gabriel Guy CAS) / re-recording mixer (as Gabriel Guy CAS)
Nia Hansenco-sound designer
David C. Hughessound effects editor
Doc Kaneoriginal dialogue mixer (as Doc Kane CAS)
Jeff Kingre-recording mix technician
Josh Lowdengeneral manager: Skywalker Sound Executive Staff
Derek McGinleyre-recording mix technician
Paul McGrathoriginal dialogue mixer (as Paul McGrath CAS)
Shannon Millssound designer / supervising sound editor
Steve MorrisHead of Engineering: Skywalker Sound Executive Staff
Samson Neslundsound effects editor
Jonathan Nullhead of production: Skywalker Sound Executive Staff (as Jon Null)
Steve Orlandofoley editor
Carrie Perryscheduling
Ivan Pieshdigital editorial support
Eva Porterclient services
Shelley Rodenfoley artist (as Shelley Roden M.P.S.E.)
Brad Semenoffadr editor / supervising dialogue editor
Cathy Shirkpost production sound accountant
Adam Mendezadr mixer (uncredited)

Visual Effects by

Brian Adamslighting artist
Kori Amackercharacter td
Virgilio John Aquinoenvironment modeling lead
Bob Bennetteffects animator
Meera Bensontechnical director
Allan Bernardolighting artist
Ksenia Bezrukovtechnical animator
Alireza Bidareffects animator
Parisa Bonakdareffects animator
Eric BouffardSet Extension Artist
Marc Bryanteffects supervisor
Nicholas Burkardgeneral technical director
Jesus Canalcharacter technical director
Chris Carignanvisual effects artist
Deborah Carlsoneffects animator
Sarah Chalekcompositor / lighter
Juan Pablo Chenenvironment modeler
Michael Chengset extension artist: Disney
Kristin Chowcrowds apprentice
Daniel Clarkvisual effects artist
Justine Codronlighting artist
Ian J. Coonyeffects animator
Gregory Culplighting supervisor
Ryan DeYounglighting supervisor
Kaori Doilighting and compositing artist
Sarah Duntonlighting apprentice
Joël Einhorneffects animator
Reginald Amukoshi Emvulacharacter technical director
Jesse Ericksoneffects lead
Tamara Alejandra Farallafinal layout artist
Andrew Finleylook development artist
Emma Floreslighting apprentice
Ben Frosteffects artist
Joshua Frylook development artist
Henrik Fälteffects animator
Jay Gambelltech animator
Jack Gecklercrowds artist
Christine Gerarditechnical director
Brian Greencharacter technical director
Calvin Greerdata & resource wrangler
Stuart Grieseeffects animator
Elise Hannonlighting apprentice
Christian Hatfieldeffects animator
Christopher Hendryxeffects supervisor
Gabriela Hernandezassociate technical supervisor
Nathan Hughes Hilliertechnical animator
Austin Hirschlighting apprentice
Ki Jong Hongmodeler
Jenny Hornassistant technical director
Benjamin Min Huangenvironment look development supervisor
Kelsey Hurleytechnical supervisor
Jongolighting artist
Michael Kaschalkhead of effects animation
Avneet Kaursimulation supervisor
Walker Kennedylighting artist
Mason Khoolighting artist
Kate Kirby-O’Connelltechnical animation supervisor
Laura Kwantechnical director
Foam Natnicha Laohachaiaroonsimulation performance lead / technical animator
Roger Leelighting and compositing artist
Hubert Leotechnical animation supervisor
Diana LeVangielighting supervisor (as Diana Jiang LeVangie)
Adam Levytechnical animation artist
Jonathan Linenvironment modeler
Kendall Litakertechnical director
Alberto Luceñocrowds supervisor
David Maldonadostereo layout artist
Travis Mangaoangset extension artist
Brandon Maylighting artist
Dale Mayedaeffects supervisor
Angela McBridelighting supervisor
Robert L. Mileslighting artist
Sarah Moorelighting artist
Michael Morrisset extension artist
John Murrahdigital artist
Adil Mustafabekovset extension supervisor
Chris Nabholzsenior lighting and compositing artist
Nicolas Nghiemcrowds apprentice
Stephen Nulllighter
Jorge Obregonlighting supervisor
Kyle Odermattvisual effects supervisor
Ash Ogasawaralighting artist
Andrea Paolinosenior technical director
Amy Pfaffingerlighting supervisor
Winston Quitasolsenior lighting artist: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Dan Ricelighting supervisor (as Daniel Rice)
Jake Ricelead effects animator
Joshua F. Richardscrowd artist: tactics
Ian Ruhfasslighting artist
Merrick Rustialayout artist
Solhee Ryucharacter technical director apprentice
Afonso Salcedolighting artist
Archana Senthilkumarvisual effects
Sebastien Siclaittechnical director
Mark Siegellighting artist
Demorrius Simslighting artist: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Rattanin Sirinaruemarneffects lead
Sharmishtha Sohonilighting
Ashley Souzalighting artist
Serge Sretschinskygeneral technical director
Jason Stellwagtech animator
Jeff Sullivancrowds artist
Lance Summerslook development artist
Ka Yaw Tanlighting artist
Suan Tanlook development artist
Hector Dante Tantocotechnical animator
Justin Tennanttechnical director
Panat Thamrongsombutsakulcharacter technical director: technical animation
Mathew ThomasLighting and Compositing Artist
Marie Tolleceffects animator
Le Joyce Tongeffects lead
Sarah Tortoricitechnical director
Brian Jason Traneffects animator: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Abraham Franklin Tsengtactics supervisor
Katie Tucker-Ficostereoscopic supervisor (as Katie A. Fico)
Rebecca Vallera-Thompsontechnical director
Richard Van Cleave Jr.character technical director: cloth setup
Shweta Viswanathanassociate technical supervisor: environments
Gina Warrlighting artist
Irene Wengassistant technical director
D’Lun Wongcrowds artist
Bruce Wrighteffects animator
Larry Wuhead of environments
Michelle Wuassistant technical director
Nate Yelligtechnical animation artist
Jennifer Yu Farrlighting supervisor (as Jennifer Yu)


Thekla Hutyrovastunts: Fight consultant
Amy Johnstonstunts: Fight Consultant
Lauren Mary Kimfight consultant
Maggie Macdonaldstunt coordinator

Camera and Electrical Department

Thomas Bakerstereo camera
Rob Dresseldirector of cinematography: layout
Adolph Lusinskydirector of cinematography: lighting

Animation Department

Theresa Adolphanimator
Abraham Aguilaranimator
McKinsey Seungwon Ahnlayout artist
Nicole Aleslook development artist
Michael AltmanCharacter Rigger (as Michael A. Altman) / Technical Animator (as Michael A. Altman)
Kathleen M. BaileyTechnical Animator
Brendan BakerAnimation Research Library (as Brendan G. Baker)
Joaquin Baldwinlayout artist
Bret Baysadditional rigging support
Doug Bennettanimator
Tony Bonillaanimator
Jill Breznicananimation research library
Dorian Bustamantelayout artist
Ian D. Butterfieldlook development artist
Darrin Buttersanimator
Sergi Caballercharacter modeler
Carlos Cabralhead of characters and technical animation
Angelo Sta Catalinaanimator
Tony Chauanimator
Clio Chiangstory artist
Youngjae Choianimator
Shawn Clarkanimator
Glen Claybrookcharacter technical director
Johann Francois Coetzeecharacter td lead
Christopher Cordingleyanimator
Trent Correyanimator
Iker J. de los Mozoslead character technical director
Anthony de Rosaanimator
Michael DeBrosseanimator
Riannon Delanoyanimator
David G. Derrick Jr.story artist
Nathan Dillowassistant animator
Tom Elleryadditional story artist
Doug EngallaAnimation Research Library
Nathan Engelhardtanimator
Erik Eulencharacter technical director
Andrew Felicianoanimation supervisor
Isaak Fernandezanimator (as Isaak Fernandez Rodriquez)
Jason Figliozzianimator
Cory Rocco Florimontelayout lead/camera polish
Andrew Fordanimator
Michael Franceschianimator
Jacob Freyanimator
Annamarie Fuchstechnical director
Mario Furmanczykanimator (as Mariusz Furmanczyk)
Pedro Daniel García Pérezanimator
Ben Girmannanimator
Brendan Gottliebanimator
Adam Greenanimator
Ryan Greenadditional story artist
Kelsey Griercharacter technical director
Troy Griffinstereo artist
Ingo Gudmundssonlayout artist
Jennifer Hageranimation supervisor
Yasser Hamedcrowds artist
Laura H. Hananimator
Elissa Cordero Hansenstereoscopic artist
Dave Hardinanimator
McKenna Harrisstory artist
Kim Hazelanimator
Madison Healyassistant animator
Juan E. Hernandezlayout supervisor
Jason Herschaftanimator
Ryan Hobbiebrunkenanimator
Joseph Holmarkanimator
Brent Hommananimator
Kendelle Hoyerstory artist
Robert Christian Huthanimator (as Robert Huth)
Jonny Hyltonproduction coordinator: animation
Teny Issakhanianstory artist (as Teny Aida Issakhanian)
Leif Jeffersanimator
Andrew Jenningscharacter technical director
Steven R.V. Johnsonanimator
Louis Jonesanimator
Mack Kablananimation supervisor
Tamara KhalafAnimation Research Library
Chaiwon Kimlook development artist
Suzan Kimmodeler
Bert Kleinanimator
Daniel Kluganimator (as Daniel James Klug)
Jacqueline Koehleranimator
Daniel KoleTechnical Animator
Megan Kreinerassistant animator
Alex Kupershmidttechnical animation 2d lead
Jared Lascuraincharacter technical director apprentice (as Jared Lascurian)
Amy Lawson Smeedhead of animation
Andrew Lawsonanimator
Javier Ledesmastory artist (as Javier Ledesma Barbolla)
Donna Leestory artist (as Donna H. Lee)
Hyun Min Leeanimator
Kevin Leelayout artist
Matt Leelayout artist
Shawn Leeanimator
Sylvia Hyo-Ji Leestory artist
Kira Lehtomakiadditional animation
Normand Lemaystory artist
Garrett Lewisanimator
Dan Lipsonlook development artist
Shutong Liulook development artist
Luis Logamstory artist
Caitlin Lowanimator (as Katie Low)
Kevin MacLeananimator
Nicholas Manfredilayout finaling artist
Boris Marasanimator
Jim Martinvisual development artist
Cat McDonnellTechnical Animator (as Cathrina McDonnell)
Chris McKanelayout artist
Eric McLeanlook development artist
Brian Menzanimation supervisor
Mark Mitchellanimator
Nicole Mitchellstory artist
Rick Moorelayout artist
Jess Morrisanimator
Louaye Moulayessanimator
Nikki Mullcharacter look development supervisor
Michael Anthony Navarrocharacter technical director
Prothais Nicolasanimator
Natalie Nourigatadditional story artist
Hyrum Osmondanimator
Allen Ostergarstory artist (as Allen Ostergar IV)
Ivan Oviedoanimator
Teal Owyangtechnical director
Olga Parshinaanimator
Liukaidi Penglayout artist
Rebecca Perezanimator: Rebecca Perez Stodolny
Malcon Piercehead of animation
Kate Pierre-Louisanimator
Jean-Christophe Poulainlayout artist
Eric Provanenvironment modeling supervisor
Nicklas Puetzcharacter technical director
Patrik Puhalaanimator
Mitja Rabaranimator
Joel Reidanimator
Nora Rogersproduction coordinator: animation / production coordinator: crowds
Ryan J. Rogerstechnical animator
Vanessa Salas Castillostereoscopic artist
Henry G. Sanchezanimator
James Schaufmodeler
Chad Sellersanimator
Christopher Semenoffassistant animator
Mikee Sevillaanimator
Eudora Shumlayout apprentice
Justin Sklaranimation supervisor
Josh Sliceanimator
Mitchell Allen Snarylook development artist
Alexander Snowanimator
Ryn Soorholtzproduction coordinator: effects department
Lindsey St. Pierrelayout artist
Michael Stiebercharacter technical director
Stephanie Stinestory artist (as Stephanie Ma Stine)
David Stodolnyanimator
Adam Strickanimator
Andre Stuppertcharacter technical director
Brett TaggartTechnical Animator
Michael Talaricolayout finalling supervisor
Philip Toanimator
Lissa Treimanstory artist
Josie Trinidadadditional story artist
Chris Urestory artist
Richard Van Asanimator
Kendra Vander Vlietlayout artist
David VanTuylestory artist
Fawn Veerasunthornhead of story
Vitor Vilelaanimation supervisor
Malerie Waltersanimator
Justin Weberanimator
Punn Wiantrakooncharacter modeler
Jeff Williamsanimator
Kelley Williamscharacter technical director
Ellen Willisanimation production assistant
Elizabeth Willylighting and compositing artist
Rebecca Wilson Breseeanimator
James Woodscharacter designer
Alena Wootencharacter modeling supervisor (as Alena Loftis)
Steve Yamamotolayout artist (as Steven F. Yamamoto)
Walter Yodercharacter rigging supervisor
Nara Younanimator
Amanda Zimaanimator

Casting Department

James Burnhamcasting assistant
Terri Douglasadr voice casting
Mallory Horncastlecasting assistant
Grace C. Kimcasting associate
Sarah Raoufpurcasting associate

Editorial Department

Olivia Alvapost-production coordinator
Todd Fulkersonfirst assistant editor
Rick Hammelfirst assistant editor
Tim Mertensadditional editorial support
Eliot Milbourncolorist
Brian Millmanfirst assistant editor

Music Department

Isobel Anthonyadditional vocals
Pete Anthonyorchestra conductor / orchestrator
Jon Aschalewsynth programmer
Jeff Atmajianorchestrator
David Channingscoring editor
Loire Cotlervocal soloist
Chris Cozensauricle control systems
Grace Davidsonvocalist soprano
Pedro Eustachemusician: world woodwinds
Mark Grahamhead of music preparation
Opie Gruvesmusic re-mixing coordinator
Lauren Harroldmusic production specialist
Jim Honeymanorchestration assistant
Sumudu Jayatilakaadditional vocals
Philip Kleinorchestrator
Jon Kullorchestrator
Edie Lehmann Boddickervocal contractor
London Voiceschoir
Tom MacDougallexecutive music producer
Alan Meyersonmusic scoring mixer
Shawn Murphyscore recording
David Olsonmusic editor
Ben Parrychoir director
Michael Dean Parsonssynth programmer
Victor Pesaventomusic preparation
Jason Possmusic transcription
Tobin PugashSynth Programmer
Xander Rodzinskioriginal score producer
Shii-Jean Sikuramusic clearance
John Traunwieserscore mixing assistant
Keith Ukrisnascoring crew
Maria Vertizmusic intern
Jim Weidmansupervising music editor
Joe Zimmermanmusic preparation

Script and Continuity Department

Bryan O’Connellscript coordinator
Ellen Willisscript coordinator

Additional Crew

Elise Alibertiproduction office manager
Walter Alvaradosenior network engineer
Steve Arounsackstory and cultural consultant
Amy Astleystudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Gus Avilabusiness affairs & legal counsel
Asad Ayazpresident of marketing
Neil Barbersenior software engineer
Melanie BeardMarketing Creative Director
Dewa Putu Beratastory and cultural consultant
James Colby Bettetechnology manager
Thai Bettisteaproduction assistant: visual development / production coordinator: marketing
Hannah Bialoskyproduction department secretary
Elsa Boccuzzidevelopment
Vanita Borwankerproduction assistant: story, layout
Alaia Braxtonproduction coordinator: editorial script
Paul Briggsstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Chris Buckstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
David J. Burkhardttechnology director
Jared Bushstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Nick Cannonstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Kristen Caronproduction assistant
Charise Castro Smithstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Demi Chenproduction coordinator: lighting / production manager: production coordinator
Christine Chrismanbusiness affairs & legal counsel
Greg Colemanstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios (as Gregory Coleman)
Roy Conlistudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Sean Crevelingproduction coordinator: character assets, layout finaling
Joe Cummingstravel consultant
Caroline Dalyproduction finance analyst
Peter Del Vechostudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Nicole Mendez Dialoutreach
Eryn Eubanksproduction coordinator: environmemt look development/set extension
Yun-Po Paul Fansenior software engineer
Clinton Fanelliartist manager
Catherine Fearonproduction assistant: layout
Laura Franekcrew manager
Benjamin Françoissystems engineer
Michael M. Fukumotoinfrastructure & support: helpdesk
Mike Gabrielcreative legacy
Jennifer Gandrupproduction coordinator: editorial / production coordinator: shot production
Brian Gauglerproduction assistant: animation
Lena Ghokasiantechnology
Hunter Gibsontechnology coordinator
Meghan Gillettechnology manager
Eric Goldbergcreative legacy
Thomas Greersenior systems engineer
Don Hallstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Michelle Cano Halliwellsenior software engineer
Shant Hamayanengineering services
Ruston Harkerbusiness affairs & legal counsel
Shannon Henleyproduction assistant: story / technical animation
Mark Henncreative legacy
Emily Hortonmedia planner (as Emily Ann Horton)
Byron Howardstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Jillian Howellproduction assistant: lighting
Belinda M. Hsustudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Kalikolehua Hurleymarketing & publicity
Kadie JaffeSoftware Engineer
Far Jangtrakoolsenior software engineer
Danny Jewellsystems administrator
Jessica Juliusstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Richard N. Kannotechnical manager
Gabrielle Knightsoftware engineer
Frank William Knittelfinance
Kristian KobeGerman publicist
Daniel Koellersystems engineer
Ashley Lamproduction coordinator: environment modeling
Eric Larsensenior software engineer
Alejandra Ledesmaproject manager
Jennifer Leestudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Lior Levstory apprentice
Amelia J. Lewisproduction assistant: lighting
Yining Karl Lisenior software engineer
Chung-An Andy Linstaff software engineer
Ying Liusenior software engineer
Carlos López Estradastudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Courtney Madinceaproduction coordinator: animation / production coordinator: set extension and look development
Michael McCluresystems administrator
Stuart McDougalproduction engineering
Ryan McGeeanalytics
John I. McGuirestudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Dayna B. Meltzertechnology manager
Yvett Merino Floresstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Stephanie Lopez Morfinproduction coordinator: character assets
Christine Neuharthbusiness affairs & legal counsel
David J. Petersonlanguage creator: Kumandran
Kimberly M. Riossystems administrator
John Ripastudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Berenice Robinsonstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios (as Bérénice Robinson)
Joe RolleStudio Analytics
Franz Sauersoftware engineer
Shirley Scopelitisbusiness affairs & legal counsel
Aimee Scribnerstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Mika Shimozatoadditional voices
Osnat Shurerstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Gregory Smithworkflow supervisor
Marc Smithstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios (as Marc E. Smith)
Mariel Songsenior production coordinator: lighting
Ryn Soorholtzproduction coordinator: effects
Adam Spectorsenior network engineer
Clark Spencerstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Gabriel Stewartdigital transfers
Brandi Stoneproduction coordinator: lighting
Natalia Strauchstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Emiko Saraswati Susilostory and cultural consultant
Hannah Swansoftware engineer
Paul Takahashisenior systems engineer
Josie Trinidadstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Jes Vustory and cultural consultant
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Matt Watsonsystems administrator
Dean Wellinsstudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Ellen Williscoordinator: shot / production coordinator: editorial
Michelle Winzestudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Suzi Yoonessistudio & creative leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Joanna Zetasoftware engineer: tactics
Nancy Stuartdevelopment (uncredited)
Raya and the Last Dragon
Raya and the Last Dragon
Raya and the Last Dragon
Raya and the Last Dragon
Raya and the Last Dragon
Raya and the Last Dragon
Raya and the Last Dragon
Raya and the Last Dragon
Raya and the Last Dragon
Raya and the Last Dragon
Original title Raya and the Last Dragon
IMDb Rating 7.4 122,314 votes
TMDb Rating 8.1 4,627 votes


Don Hall


Kelly Marie Tran isRaya (voice)
Raya (voice)
Awkwafina isSisu (voice)
Sisu (voice)
Izaac Wang isBoun (voice)
Boun (voice)
Gemma Chan isNamaari (voice)
Namaari (voice)
Daniel Dae Kim isBenja (voice)
Benja (voice)
Benedict Wong isTong (voice)
Tong (voice)
Jona Xiao isYoung Namaari (voice)
Young Namaari (voice)
Sandra Oh isVirana (voice)
Virana (voice)
Thalia Tran isLittle Noi (voice)
Little Noi (voice)
Lucille Soong isDang Hu (voice)
Dang Hu (voice)

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